Jason Kelce thinking one year at a time after reworking contract with Eagles

Center Jason Kelce‘s future with the Eagles was somewhat uncertain early in the offseason, but he ensured he’d back for the 2021 season when he announced that he’d agreed to a reworked contract with the team.

Kelce has spent his entire NFL career in Philadelphia and he said this week that he hasn’t given any thought to whether he’ll be back for a 12th season in 2022. Kelce’s revamped contract includes voidable years that allow the Eagles to make Kelce a post-June 1 cut for cap relief purposes, but it also accelerates the cap hit should Kelce be on the roster come June 2.

Kelce said that mechanism is one that will ensure decisions about his plans and the team’s plans are made sooner rather than later.

“For me, it’s the same as it’s been the last three years,” Kelce said, via Mike Kaye of NJ.com. “I’m just thinking one year at a time. I feel really confident about this year. . . . This just puts an end date where I have to make a decision, the team has to make a decision, in light of next year. I’m really not trying to think about that at all. It was just something we put in just to make sure nothing was dragged out.”

Kelce said he thinks the Eagles have a few players who could take over at center and do a good job, but it will be a little while before anyone knows if the team will have to turn to one of those options.